Kikwear 38″ Severe Skater Pants

New Kikwear 38” Severe Skater Pants pants with K embroidery at the right back pocket.



These are the new inventions which are an upgrade from the previous design. Just like the previous ones, the Kikwear skater pants are designed with an embroidery design feature in the right pocket of the back side of the trouser. They feature a 90s design due to the presence of the skater feature on the leg areas plus there is a modern look incorporated on the upper side such as the pocket and also the embroidery details. The Kikwear 38” Severe Skater denim jeans are quite comfortable and they fit all seasons since you will not feel too much heat for wearing them for long and the materials are skin friendly as well. Whether you are looking for a street look or jeans that you can rock when hanging out with friends, well, Kikwear have got you covered for these and much more.


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