EQ Equalizer T-Shirts

EQ Equalizer Rave Shirts – LED Sound Activated T-Shirts

Are you looking for the coolest shirt to hit the dance floor with? Well, the best shirt to acquire is the wicked sound-sensitive shirts. They are designed in a way that they adapt the music playing and reflect the same on the outside. These are Digital Equalizer Rave Shirts as they show features that move to the music played. The equalizer shirts consists of an inbuilt graphic equalizer and different sensing features that easily detect the rhythm of the music playing n the background and they reflect the same. The best part is that you can set up the equalizer shirts to your preference since it is designed with the control beat button for setting it to either low, high or even the highest beat adoption.

Make Waves with Equalizer Rave Tshirts

Talk about style marrying cutting edge innovation. Welcome to a world of Tees which do not just have sewn-on designs but animated prints you will fall for in seconds. These are not ordinary Tees with those regular styles that somehow get monotonous. These are for ravers, rebels, crazy heads who like to keep it twisted. Check out what’s this madness about our Rave Tee Shirts is about.

What makes them different?

Coolest Animation

A perfect example of this would be our Skull Flashing tee, which comes with amazing animated flexible designs.The product looks somewhat like a thick iron-on transfer. The coolest part about something like this is a unit to cycle through these animations. There are more than 5 patterns to choose from.

Innovation At Its Best

There are Tees that come with AAA replaceable batteries. And then you have really cool technology like the tiny driver unit that works through variations in animations and effects. There are Tees like Sound Equalizer Rave T-Shirt which comes with a sound sensor which makes a wicked sound. This is your sound-sensitive smiley that pops up whenever there is music that plays. You can time it, it has a built-in graphic equalizer too. Well, this is just among the many cool innovations we offer in Tees.

Great Material with Creative Concepts

While come models come with spectrum sensor controllers, there are others like the Pot-Leaf Shirt which displays one of the eight awesome movement patterns. And all this comes in 100 percent cotton which can be hand washed and dried in a hanger too.

Illuminating Range

There are some models which come with great eye-popping display.The coolest part is that there is an ultra-slim electro-luminescence panel at the front of one of the Tees to give you an an eye-popping show. Add to that, the bars of equaliser lighting up. You control the music on your shirt. Now isn’t that cool?

EQ Equalizer T-Shirts FAQ’s

All the information that our clients ask us about our incredible t-shirts we present here.

What is the material of most of these shirts?

They are mostly made in 100 percent cotton. It is advised you do not launder them and hand wash them.

What is the battery life?

It depends on the frequency of usage. On an average, you will have a product that easily lasts a good number of weeks. You can always replace the batteries.

Are there special instructions for care?

Yes. These shirts come with 7-day money back guarantee of any kind of shipping damage. And you are free to report to us in case it is not so. There are proper instructions that come with the product on how to detach the mechanics and wash the shirt as well.

There are many models in shirts available out there. But nothing beats the class, fun and imagination we put here. No bragging! Check out our designs and you’ll know what we are talking about. These are some of the best Tees for all you not-so-regular people out there. Choose yours today.

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