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What are the products available here?

You will get everything from hip hop Tees to huge pants and Trippy pants and fluorescent graphics that glow in the dark. More than that, you can take everything customized from us too.

What makes our products different?

We work with the best designers. And our products are forever evolving. Monotony is boring, and we do not want to give you anything that’s bland. Innovation is the root of our designs.

Are these for casual wear or parties too?

Well, that really depends on what your style statement is. If you are here looking at this stuff, we are sure you are looking for something chilled out and pull it off too.

What are the latest trends in Trippy clothing?

Get everything from two different leg designs in pants to Tees with highlights. We are experts who keep a close eye on all the fashion trends across the globe and bring you the best inspirations from occult and metal.

Do you want more?

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