Tripp Pants


Which styles will suit me?

We have everything from DarkStreet options to Godfather wide leg pants. There’s a lot to explore here and our product descriptions give you all the info you need to know about the style and if it will suit you.

Why should I buy Tripp Pants?

This is simple: Comfort. These are oversized packs of comfort. You don’t have to bother yourself with anything else if you are someone who can carry these off well.

Where to wear them?

Carry a style statement of your own and let the pants speak for you. Dress up your hair right and use these with chilled out Tees. Perfect something for house parties, informal gatherings, oh, yes and your jamming sessions.

These are pants that take inspiration from occult. These are lowers that claim to be the most com-fortable. If you are conventional, this stuff is not for you. And if you want to break barriers and sport something completely unconventional, Tripp Pants are for you. We bring you some of the best styles and coolest concepts. Explore this space for more. Get in touch with us and visit us online for best deals.

What makes Tripp Pants cool

Sexy pants are all about breaking away from the monotony. This is why Tripp Pants are kickstaring a trend of sorts. These are funky, upbeat and yes a bit on the scary side. But most importantly, these are different. Guess what! They are taking the fashion world by storm too.

Why Tripp Pants

Whether you are a rebel, a traveler, go getter, spunky, or a lazy couch potato, these are for every-body. Punks, Goths, Indies, they are a favourable choice for all the hommies. We offer designs and concepts that suit all tastes and lifestyles. There are many reasons to trip over these pants than just the use.


So you have a zillion options to choose from but the best ones are those that give you a tough look. Take for instance our Tripp NYC “Urban Camo” Combat Bondage Pants. You have everything from black straps to chrome zippers and top it with its unique urban camouflage material. These pants with their deep pockets make for double added comfort zone.


Call it over-sized or laid back, the truth is, bondage pants are a kickass choice. They spell a char-acter of their own. Perfectly built chains and straps hooked, and sewn in bondage tucks give these pants a killer appeal. Look at some of our drapes like the Tripp NYC “New Dungeon Dweller” Bon-dage Pants which come in both red and black. Everything from chrome steel chains to metal zippers, and the steel accents of these pants are to drool over.

Accept No Limits

These styles are meant to liberate you. That’s why we create them with a spunk that brings you alive. Forget the conventional styles, you get options where One leg is White, and the other is Black. Well, you thought this wasn’t possible? That’s what we are here for. We bring you these split-leg pants that come with pyramid studs and zipper for a perfect look with drawstring waist for comfort.