Digital Headphone Sound Responsive Equalizer Rave T-Shirt


The wicket sensitive Equalizer T Shirt bar that jumps and flash at the blink and strobe in time music.

With the combination of both the retro cool and the minute digital technology in this Digital Headphone Sound Responsive Equalizer Rave T-Shirt, you are guaranteed to have the best experience on the dance floor. This is because the shirt responds to all the rhythms around it to give a great display of the moving bars.



The Equalizer t shirt consists of different equalizers which are invisible and only display and glow when the music is playing to give different displays. They are powered by a built-in battery that is long lasting, light in weight and also powerful. For those who would want to customize the response of the Sound Responsive Equalizer T-Shirt, you can easily achieve this with the use of the equipped inner controller whereby you can set the music to play in loud, low or even faster pace depending on your needs.


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