Tripp NYC Lock Down Handcuff Pants (Black/Black)

Tripp NYC Lock Down Handcuff Pants (Black/Black) This new Tripp Pants Black with black chain style from Tripp NYC are pretty awesome and they also add a sleek look making these bondage pants authentic as hell.



These hardcore pants are equipped with black handcuff accents, black zippers, black metal chains, and blacked out zippers all adding to the binding qualities for restraining pants. Deep front and back pockets with convenient side cargo compartments are perfect for concealing hand-cuffs. The leg zippers, straps, chains, and black rivets are the defining features of these hardcore Tripp Black pants.

The chains and straps are removable so you can go from being in slavery to going out in public without dangling straps or looking out of place. The waist band has an adjustable strap ensuring they fit snug and leg-zippers with drawstring bottoms will keep your Tripp NYC Lock Down Handcuff Pants off the ground. Don’t bind yourself down with the rules of society. Here we break every rule in the book.


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