EQ Reactor T-Shirt With Sound Reactive Action

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The wicked sound-sensitive smiley faces jumps and flash.

This Sound Activated Shirt – EQ Reactor T-Shirt is equipped with fun smiley features which usually flash whenever you jump to any music playing. They work by combining both the retro cool and the minute digital technology.



Just like the rest of Sound Activated Shirt, the EQ Reactor T-Shirt has the ability to detect the rhythm, the beat and also the sound of the music immediately it plays with the use of the equipped equalizer. It is equipped with the lighting features around the chest area which immediately pop up and flashes with the response to the music playing. There is an inbuilt controller which you can easily access as you continue to dance to set your shirt for different response intervals. Note that the shirt is powered by a battery which is quite powerful and it is equipped on the pocket area. It is light in weight hence it will not interfere with your dancing moves and there are no wires that will distract you as well. So the Sound Activated EQ Reactor T-Shirt is the best party shirt to have.

1 review for EQ Reactor T-Shirt With Sound Reactive Action

  1. 4d1m

    Very Nice!

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