DJ E-Qualizer Sound Responsive EQ T-Shirt


If you have always dreamt of being a DJ then you can express your dreams in this garment. It is equipped with a DJ features around the chest that spins at any music playing. Whether it is rocks, hip hop or RnB the DJ E-Qualizer Sound Responsive Equalizer T-Shirt will display the same moves and beats.



That’s right! DJ E-Qualizer has an EQ Shirt of his own! This is just yet another great addition to our full line of sound reactive T-Shirts! DJ E-Qualizer Sound Reactive Equalizer T-Shirt The wicked sound-sensitive Equalizer Bars jump and flash as the turn tables spin in time to the music wherever you are, combining retro-cool with up to the minute digital technology. Built-in Graphic Equalizer The TQ Shirt has a built-in graphic equalizer with a wide spectrum sensor controller to detect the true rhythm, frequency and beat of music. Eye-popping Display! This animates the ultra-thin Electro Luminescence panel in the chest for an eye-popping display as the Equalizer bars light up and respond to the music. Control the BEAT! There is also an easily accessible adjuster control, allowing you to prep your shirt for low ambient beats or the loudest club music you can bear! Concealed Controller The improved E-Qualiser system includes a lightweight battery pack that is cleverly hidden in a secret pocket in the shirt. The back gives great battery life and is durable enough to withstand even the wildest night out. Get on with IT! With no fussy wires to distract you, you can get on with the serious business of partying and let the EQ shirt make you the focus of any night out… just as you should be! Made of Super Soft 100% premium cotton Hand Wash, hand dry The battery pack can be unplugged for easy washing Requires 4 regular AAA Batteries Batteries not Included


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