Digital System Failure Sound Reactive EQ T-Shirt


The wicked sound-sensitive equalizer bar jump and flash.



Get inspired to dance all night long with this magnificent Rave T-shirts. It consists of all the best features that detect and responds to the music being played. It is easy to set and control the Digital System Failure Sound Reactive EQ T-Shirt with the hidden controller which allows you to set it from top to the lowest playing music. It has a magnificent and eye-catching display when the music is playing which is displayed with the use of the equalizers on the EQ Rave t-shirt. It has a long-lasting battery that will definitely last you for serve plus it is not visible from the outside. Also, note that the equalizers move to the beats and type of the music playing so if it is house music, the bars will move at a fast pace as compared to hip-hop.


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