Animated Flashing Raving Mega Cross T-Shirt


The unique Led Sound Activated Shirt features different animated sewn-on designs that feel like thick iron-on transfer when worn.



This is another unique party time Led Sound Activated Shirt. It is unique because unlike other designs, it is made with tiny driver unit that automatically moves in a circular motion to reflect on 5 to 8 animation patterns on the shirt. It is equipped with cables and a driver which allows you to control and powers the functioning of the shirt too. It is crafted in large sizes since it measures about 6 x 8 inches in height. The best part is that you can wash the shirt as it is made of pure cotton that is washable with a machine. The driver is powered by triple-A batteries that are replaceable. The Animated Flashing Raving Mega Cross T-Shirt are available in different sizes for both kids and the adults.


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