EQ Equalize T-Shirts

Made from a special technology called electroluminescence.

UFO Pants

UFO designs cutting edge clothing inspired by military surplus and street trends.

Gothic Pants

Best selection of Tripp Pants & Tripp NYC Clothing

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Our History

Why Us?

You must be wondering what makes us stand out when there are like thousands of brands out there selling the same stuff. But this is not the kind of stuff you will find elsewhere. Our designers work on everything from innovations to accessorizing clothing in the most impeccable way. This is what makes us different.

Designs for you

More About Our Products

Tripp On In The Best Attire

Clothes are expressions of individuality. You can’t go wrong when you are making that mark. If you are not the formal kind and have always held a strong fascination to an alternative lifestyle or if you take risks, love metal, crave for rock and stand out in more ways than one from the rest of the crowd, this is a place for you. What started as only a venture with Tripp pants is now a complete store with everything from UFO pants, Kikwear Pants, Equalizer Tees and what not. We experiment with everything you could possibly ask for. Colors, stripes of accents, chains, studs, skulls, paws, and more.

Everything You Need

Talk about UFO designs or cutting-edge technology and styles, here’s a place for clothing that takes its inspiration from a variety of places. Whether you want something for the tough guys or girls who love hip hop, metal cravers or simply those who love street fashion, there’s a little something for everyone.

Best Quality

You will find Gothic Pants everywhere. But how many times have you actually found the right quality. The stuff we have here is premium material. So the coolness of the brand remains intact but what you have, is a product that will last. Treat it any which way, the selection here is made from the best available fabric out there.

Great Customized Designs

What’s the fun in wearing those obnoxiously huge pants or crazy Tees if there’s nothing cool about it? The products here speak a language of their own. They have been topped up with great concepts, and we customize your products for you.


We work with innovations all the time. There’s a high you get from some fun ideas and cool concepts. This is what we aim to achieve. Bringing you the hot innovations all the time, we bring you innovations like TQ Equalizers, which come with smiley faces, rave cube, and fluorescent concepts.

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What are the products available here?

You will get everything from hip hop Tees to huge pants and Trippy pants and fluorescent graphics that glow in the dark. More than that, you can take everything customized from us too.

What makes our products different?

We work with the best designers. And our products are forever evolving. Monotony is boring, and we do not want to give you anything that’s bland. Innovation is the root of our designs.

Are these for casual wear or parties too?

Well, that really depends on what your style statement is. If you are here looking at this stuff, we are sure you are looking for something chilled out and pull it off too.

What are the latest trends in Trippy clothing?

Get everything from two different leg designs in pants to Tees with highlights. We are experts who keep a close eye on all the fashion trends across the globe and bring you the best inspirations from occult and metal.

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